​Covid Rules Adherence

Now that the season has started we are taking this opportunity to remind of our COVID19 rules and the seriousness of ensuring that your team is following and respecting the rules that have been setup. The rules are in place for a number of reasons including the safety and security of all participants, they have been shared and approved by each of the cities that we rent parks from and if we do not respect the rules we could lose the privilege from the cities of using the parks We have just recently suspended two captains in our league as their teams decided to hang out in the park following their game and order pizza and beer. This is clearly a violation of our rules and is being treated with extreme seriousness. Future violations will have much more severe consequences regardless of whether it is a first offense or not. The rules and regulations concerning COVID19 have been posted on our website in a power point format and we have attached it to this email as well. It is imperative that you share it with your teams and stress the importance of respecting all the regulations. We wish you all great rest of the season and please stay safe. Sincerely, BWISL EXECUTIVE
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